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Abdominal Wrap for Fertility - New Product Now Available


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Abdominal Wrap for Fertility - New Product Now Available

Castor oil abdominal wraps are a traditional tool that healers have used from many years to support fertility and women's health.  It can help to detoxify your reproductive organs and tonify blood cells.  Castor oil is traditionally believed to support fertility in several different ways:

  • The Lymphatic System: think of lymph as the garbage collectors of our bodies.  It finds the ‘garbage’ (i.e. toxins, excessive hormones, and waste) and brings it to our lymph nodes, where it is processed and purified.  However, our lymphatic system doesn’t have it’s own pump like the circulatory system does. It gets its movement from exercise, heat, and stretching.  Castor oil packs can also benefit and stimulate the lymph, promoting detoxification and cleansing when applied to the pelvic region.
  • The Liver: The liver, your body’s lymphatic powerhouse, stores & processes toxins and hormones in the body.  Stagnation in the liver can lead to hormonal imbalance. Castor oil packs can also be applied to the liver to help it decongest, which may promote hormone balance.
  • The Circulatory System: Blood is the body’s natural healing agent.  Castor oil packs stimulate circulation in the body, helping to bring fresh, oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to the reproductive organs.  This enables healing of scar tissue, the breakdown of adhesions, and provides nutrition to the ovaries and uterus.

Castor oil packs should not be used during or after ovulation or if you could be pregnant, but they are a fantastic way to nurture your fertility during the follicular phase of your cycle, which occurs before ovulation.

Directions for use are included with the package.  Please test the herbal rub on a small patch of skin first to ensure you do not have any adverse reactions.  

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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