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Moxa Self-Care Kit - New Product Now Available


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Moxa Self-Care Kit - New Product Now Available
Moxa is an herb that is used both internally and externally in Chinese medicine to warm and improve circulation in the body. Moxa is so important to Chinese medicine that the word for "acupuncture" in Chinese is zhenjiu 针灸 - the first character, zhen, means "needle" and the second character, jiu, means "moxa." 
The moxa we are using in these kits is a charcoalized stick - like a large incense stick - which is burned and held above acupoints or other areas that we want to warm up. Kit includes guidance and extinguisher for use with moxa stick. 

Moxa is a great tool for pain, cold sensations, irregular periods, thin uterine lining, and many other concerns. 

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