Yoga for Fertility One-On-One Session (Virtual)

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Yoga for Fertility One-On-One Session (Virtual)

We understand that everyone's fertility journey is different.  Pulling Down the Moon believes that community is our "secret sauce," but we also know there are lots of reasons why private, one-on-one yoga might be right for you. 

Sometimes you prefer a more private experience; maybe you'd like a customized yoga routine that specifically targets your diagnosis; perhaps your stress and anxiety have become so acute you need immediate relief; or maybe you're just a busy gal who needs specific days/times to accommodate your on-the-go schedule.  No matter the reason, Pulling Down the Moon now offers online, one-on-one, 75-minute private yoga sessions and our one-on-one Yoga for Fertility six-week program. 

Each Zoom session includes discussion time about your journey,  provides yoga tools for healing, and is followed by a customized yoga class that may include postures, breathing and meditation techniques.  Try one private or sign-up for our six-week series as a private client. 

Purchase now and be sure to include your email and phone number so someone from our staff can reach out and schedule your session.

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