The Infertility Cleanse

Inner Traditions

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The Infertility Cleanse

This second book by Pulling Down the Moon Co-Founder, Beth Heller and Tami Quinn (Fully Fertile is the first), offers women a natural, holistic approach to optimally preparing the body for a child. It leans heavily on the latest scientific research highlighting the impact of diet, stress and lifestyle on fertility. The Infertility Cleanse also looks at how gut health, chronic inflammation and environmental toxins may play a role in conceiving. This book is particularly helpful for those with unexplained infertility or who want to "take a break" and start a safe cleanse. 

This hands-on manual provides step-by-step guidelines to help implement a three-part program--of yoga, hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory nutrition, and stress-reduction techniques--to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit in preparation for pregnancy. 

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