ARTea - Postpartum Loose Leaf Tea


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ARTea - Postpartum Loose Leaf Tea

Need a little postpartum revitalization?  Our Fully Fertile ARTea line is naturally caffeine-free and was custom-created by a Pulling Down the Moon senior acupuncturists who specializes in herbal formulations and their therapeutic uses.  

The postpartum tea helps heal and revitalize the new mom after labor and delivery. It strengthens her core, nourishes the body and mind to make mom strong in order to take care of her baby. Our tea also helps support breast milk supply. 

A delicious, loose-leaf and fully organic blend of Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Apple Pieces, Cinnamon, Rosehip, Orange Peel, Clove, Elderberry, Fenugreek and Hops. 

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