Fertility Intention Candle


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Fertility Intention Candle
Fertility Intention Candle
Fertility Intention Candle
Fertility Intention Candle
Fertility Intention Candle

This custom-created candle collection has been made in partnership with Amy Bain of Moondance Botanicals who is one of our former fertility patients. Amy has been on this journey and understands the importance of bringing intention and positivity into the process. We named this collection "Circle of Light" which is a nod to our candle lighting ceremony at the end of every Yoga for Fertility session when we pass the flame and welcome patients and intended parents into our community of women who hold the same intention of finding their family. These candles are symbolic of that process and the journey.  Each of the three candles in the collection are custom blended pure essential oils, soy based, hand-poured and contain only natural ingredients. We receive plenty of complements on how amazing these candles smell! The three candles are entitled: Intention, Hope & Healing, and Self-Love/Forgiveness. A healing crystal is embedded within the wax and each comes with a specific ritual to activate the energy surrounding the candle's theme.  We believe they will be very healing for so many of the women in our community who experience loss, regret, disappointment, self-loathing or simply wish to manifest their heart-felt desire.  Sold separately. Each candle includes a ritual that you should perform specific to the theme of the candle.  Glass jars are 11 oz with a 65 hour burn time. 

Intention Candle:  

Aroma Blend: Geranium, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Stone: Moonstone

Meditation Color: White, Clear

Dried Flowers: Osmanthus, Calendula

Hope and Healing Candle:

Aroma Blend: Bergamot, Amber, Sandalwood

Stone: Malachite

Meditation color: Green

Dried Flowers: Lotus seed heart, sophora, japonica

Self-Love and Forgiveness Candle:

Aroma Blend: Lavender, Sage, Citrus

Stone: Blue agate

Meditation color: Blue

Dried Flowers: Red plum, lavender

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