Acupuncture at Home: Depression Ear Seed Kit

Lhasa Oms

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Acupuncture at Home: Depression Ear Seed Kit
Acupuncture at Home: Depression Ear Seed Kit

Peel, Place and Press! Auriculotherapy utilizes points on the ear that when stimulated provide treatment for medical conditions in other areas of the body.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), stimulating points in the ear can stimulate and correct energy obstructions and deficiencies in the body. 

This Depression Ear Seed Kit features an ear chart showing auriculotherapy points that are believed to correspond to regions of the body associated with depression. The kit also includes 120 natural ear seeds from the vaccaria plant and stainless steel tweezers for application.  Ear seeds can stay in place several days before reapplying new seeds.

To use: Using tweezers remove adhesive and seed from plastic backing. Apply to intended point. To amplify effect lightly massage seed with finger tip every few hours.

Please note the adhesive tape used to secure the ear seeds contains latex.

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