14-Day Fertility Prep Program: Fertility Detox


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14-Day Fertility Prep Program: Fertility Detox
14-Day Fertility Prep Program: Fertility Detox
14-Day Fertility Prep Program: Fertility Detox
A Path to Pregnancy, Fertility Detox Track

This custom-created fertility detox program has been carefully created by Meredith Nathan who is Pulling Down the Moon's Director of Massage, Creator of our Fertility Enhancing Massage and the Founder of her own business, Bellacor Bodyworks.  Meredith is an expert holistic fertility practitioner and also a patient who used the components of this program to conceive her own three children.  

The programs includes:

✸Digital Download of A Path to Pregnancy: 14 Day Fertility Prep Fertility Detox Booklet, which includes...

  • Detailed detox schedule 

  • Grocery list

  • Over 30 recipe ideas

  • Guided food reintegration for phasing out of your detox to a fertility friendly diet

✸ Daily emails with fertility tips and inspirational videos
✸ Suggested products delivered right to your door!
  • More Info

    + Based in Whole Foods

    + Supplemental Support

    + Enhances Fertility

    + Food Reintegration Included 

    Ideal for

    ✓ Hormonal balance

    ✓ Decreased inflammation

    ✓ Skin clarity

    ✓ Mental clarity

    ✓ Increased energy

    ✓ Weight loss 

    Not for

    ✗ Pregnant and nursing women

    ✗ Those undergoing major physical recovery

    After your purchase, here's what happens:
    1.  You will receive any products or supplements included in the program via mail. 
    2.  You will receive an email that will give you the option to automate the program with daily emails. 
    3.  You should start the program on the first day of your next menstrual cycle (cycle day one).

    If you aren't sure if the program is right for you, consult with your doctor. This program is not a replacement for being under a doctor's care.








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