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  • Vitamin D - nutrition-Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D - nutrition-Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D - nutrition-Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D - nutrition-Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D - nutrition-Vitamin D
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    Vitamin D 

    Vitamin D is often associated with bone health, but vitamin D is also vital for a number of processes in your body related to fertility.  Studies have shown that vitamin D may:

    • play a role in estrogen and insulin metabolism

    • improve hormone and insulin regulation in PCOS and may inhibit the growth of fibroids

    • help to lower blood sugar levels and increase menstrual cycle frequency

    Recent research has shown that women with higher blood levels of vitamin D going through IVF had higher pregnancy rates including donor egg recipients.. Women are advised to have their vitamin D levels tested, and the majority of women who do have lower than optimal levels should consider supplementation to support fertility. Women trying to conceive should take a vitamin D supplement not only to improve their fertility, but also for optimum health.


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